Friday Snippets

Greetings from the city of my birth, Melbourne, where last night my wife and I joined almost 87,000 other people in watching my beloved Carlton Football Club win the first game of the AFL season.
Ah, life is good!
Tonight it’s Billy Elliot, the musical.
Access is limited so writing will be in short supply until a return home in the very near future.
Edmunds have a short story on Volvo and Saab being sold, with them mentioning several suitors for Saab.
My mail says the number is very close to, if not already in, double figures.
Saab Story #1
According to a writer at consumer reports, Saab convertible owners are more authentic than other convertible owners.
But then we probably already knew that, right?
Saab Story #2
Memo to Ben Rubin at Salon:
Saab’s not dead, buddy. And don’t count on them being that way just yet.
I’d encourage everyone to read that article. Thanks to the multiple Salon readers who linked me up with it.
I’ll be back with more when I can. Have a good weekend.

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