GM (sort of) responds to NYT story

The New York Times story about Saab’s demise is still doing the rounds of the internet news services and especially the blogosphere.
I called for GM to respond to the erroneous reactions that were coming in the aftermath of the story and it’s good to see there’s been some sort of action taken, even if I don’t personally think it’s enough. (BTW – I’m not insinuating there that my call led to this action. Just clarifying).
Saab USA have responded by re-hashing a mailout from Mark McNabb that was sent out to Saab’s mailing list in late February. It’s been posted on their site as a press release and I assume it’s being pushed out to media outlets as well.
Will that be enough to counter the negative news-wave that’s going round? I’d hoped for Wagoner to give Saab five minutes of his time, but I guess something’s better than nothing.
Here it is:
We Stand by Your Saab
March 23, 2009
You’ve always known us as somewhat of an unconventional company. From our very first days, when a group of unassuming jet engineers decided that driving should feel more like flying, we’ve had a natural affinity to seek the not-so-obvious path. Buoyed by a curious mix of ingenuity and optimism, we’ve always found our way.
Today, our sights are set on a new destination: independence.
Recently, General Motors submitted its viability plan to the U.S. Department of Treasury that outlined the corporation’s long-term restructuring goals. In that plan, GM stated that it would actively pursue measures that could result in Saab Automobile AB, including all of Saab’s global operations, becoming an independent company.
Saab has had several different types of ownership during its storied history. Recently, the first step toward re-establishing its independence was taken when Saab Automobile AB in Sweden filed for reorganization under a self-managed Swedish court process that will attempt to create a fully independent business entity. The reorganization in Sweden allows Saab to continue operating, while new ownership possibilities are being pursued. Current business is unaffected during this restructuring process.
So, what exactly does all this mean?
To current Saab owners and loyalists, be assured that all warranties on Saab vehicles remain valid. The warranty for both new and Certified Pre-Owned Saab vehicles are provided by GM and remain intact. GM will support continued availability of parts and service. Prepaid scheduled maintenance also remains in effect on all current product offerings.
To those who have recently expressed interest in buying a new Saab, we’ll be there for you as well. All of Saab’s current product offerings remain available. While these times may seem turbulent and uncertain, our cars are just as safe, just as fuel-efficient and just as fun-to-drive as ever. With the full backing of all warranties, you can drive with confidence knowing that your Saab will be covered under its warranty.
We are excited by the potential opportunities tomorrow will bring. And we’re eager to start anew. During the reorganization period, your Saab Dealer stands ready to assist you with all your sales and service needs. In addition, Saab Customer Assistance is available at (800) 955-9007. While it may not be the most conventional path to take, for those who know Saab, you’re well aware – we know no other way. With the spirit of Saab leading us, we hope you’ll join us for the ride.
Mark C. McNabb
Vice President
Premium Channel
General Motors Corporation

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