Good news Saab purchases

You may have noted a story from northern Sweden in comments.
In case you haven’t….

Light in the darkness for Saab
TROLLHÄTTAN. There are bright spots in Saab crisis. After having stayed in the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi and driving a Saab on ice last week, long-distance guests from Taiwan have ordered 65 cars….
….The guests are dealers, winners and even ordinary customers and have a chance to test the Saab’s products in specific ice rink. Sometimes former rally king Per Eklund is there as the instructor.
The long-distance guests from Asia are reported to have been enthusiastic over the experience and decided directly for 65 new cars.

Thanks Dippen and Tompa!
And another good news purchase from TTELA:

Andreas Isaksson owns a company that provides training in marine safety related topics. When he needed two new company cars, it is obvious that he turns to Saab. Yesterday he was at ANA Trollhättan AB to shop.
– I grew up with Saab. Since Saab has the same high level of security that we stand for in my business, it goes without saying that I’d choose Saab. Moreover, it is fun to help Saab little now when it goes bad, “he says.
That Saab is having a bad time worries him……
– The boys back home think I’m going to turn to Volvo in place. They think it is safer in the current situation and that the value abroad of them is better. But I think that Volvo is boring. As long as Saab builds good cars, so do I buy them.

I like the way you think, Andreas!!
Gotta take the good news as you get it.

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