How reliable is your Saab?

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other night. He’s a regular here and a fellow Saab nut, though he doesn’t currently own one. He’s in the market for another car but is a bit worried about picking up a Saab because of reliability problems.
Now, I should explain further….
This car will be used a fair bit for his small business, so uptime is important. He’s also got a young family to go along with the business, so running costs are important.
Me? I don’t place a huge premium on reliability. I never expect a machine to run perfectly and therefore, I’m never disappointed when something goes awry. I absolutely never expect a car to work perfectly. All those moving parts and the way I drive most of the time are a recipe for wear and tear.
Having said that, my luck with Saabs seems to have been rather good. In 4 years with the 9000, the only unexpected item we’ve had to do is a radiator. With the Viggen, the only surprise was an exploding shock absorber. With my C900 there was an intermittent fuel delivery problem that annoyed me a bit, but it was a 23 year old car and issues are to be expected.
I tend to class Saabs as pretty reliable vehicles. Look after them and they’ll look after you. But maybe I’m one of those who wears rose coloured glasses a little too often.
So how do you rate your experiences with Saabs in terms of reliability? When they go, they tend to go big, but I’ve just never had one go on me and regular maintenance (5,000km services) and a top notch mechanic seem to do the trick for us.
How about you?

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