Interview with Bob Sinclair – reprise

Former SaabUSA chief, Bob Sinclair, graces us with his presence every now and then here at He did so a few days ago, leaving some encouraging words for Jan-Ake Jonsson via the comments section on the Dagens Industri interview article.
Bob’s one of the largest figures in the history of Saab. Anyone who drives a Saab Convertible drives a little bit of Bob around with them everyday.
In January 2008, I had a stopover in California on my way to the Detroit Auto Show and along with 1985Gripen, I met both Bob and his wife, Anne, at their home in Santa Barbara. A few months later, in March, I recorded an interview with Bob over the phone.
I featured this interview at Trollhattan Saab at that time, but thought I’d load it up again here at SaabsUnited. I hope those of you who are new to this site might enjoy hearing it for the first time and those who’ve already heard it, I hope you might enjoy it again.
The interviews play back via video, so if you have trouble viewing video on this site, please click here for part 1 and click here for part 2.
If you get video OK here, then the interview is waiting for you after the jump.

Part 1:Part 2:

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