Is my Saab warranty still valid? Yes.

I’ve been getting a few comments come through the blog and a few emails coming through my inbox asking about Saab warranties. These are typically from people either considering buying a car, or people who have one that’s just a year or two old and still covered by warranty.
The uncertainty is fair enough. GM plan on selling Saab or closing the brand down if a buyer can’t be found. With that sort of fate on the horizon, it’s understandable that people would be worried about their Saab warranty.
Everything that I’ve seen so far points to the fact that all Saab warranty work will continue to be covered by General Motors for the full term of the warranty. They sold you the car with a warranty attached and they have to honour that warranty as long as it’s in effect.
In a mailout to US customers, GM Premium Brands group chief Mark McNabb said the following:

To current Saab owners and loyalists, be assured that all warranties on Saab vehicles remain valid. The warranty for both new and Certified Pre-Owned Saab vehicles are provided by GM and remain intact. GM will support continued availability of parts and service. Prepaid scheduled maintenance also remains in effect on all current product offerings.

In an interview at the Melbourne Motor Show last week, Saab Oz chief Parveen Batish had this to say:

But, again, to emphasise that as far as customers here are concerned, we are GM Holden, we are selling cars under that umbrella, and every car that we sell is completely warrantied and guaranteed – just as it always has been.

He mentions Holden by name as that’s the umbrella group for all of GM’s brands here in Australia, but in the context of the interview he’s talking about Saab and Hummer.
Bottom line: Your warranty is provided by General Motors and they are obliged to honor the warranty and service agreements attached to the car they sold you.
The normal weasely exceptions apply and make sure you use a dealer with a good service reputation, but at the base level: everything I’ve seen says you’re covered.

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