It’s a small Saab World – meeting of the Montes edition

A few weeks ago I received an email from a young guy here in Hobart names James. He and his girlfriend (Elle) were considering the purchase of a Saab 9-3 Monte Carlo that they’d seen advertised on the internet. In conducting some further research on the car, they came across Trollhattan Saab and all my writings about the 9-3 Monte that I purchased earlier this year.
The Monte they were looking at turned out to be one that I’d considered last year. It was for sale in Sydney but I dismissed it after the dealer didn’t return any messages.
They went to Sydney for a weekend and included a look over the car while they were there. Happy with it’s appearance, they came around to my place with Elle’s father to take mine for a quick drive and get some more info about it.
As mentioned, this all happened several weeks ago and I hadn’t heard any more about it until I got another email from James this morning. He told me that Elle had bought the car, that her Dad and brother had picked it up from Sydney and that she was very happy with it, all of which I was very pleased to hear.
Now……Hobart is a small town. You bump into people all the time down here. Likewise, the Saab community is a pretty small community and given how distinctive the cars can be, you get to know the Saabs in your area pretty well.
Despite this, I was still pretty surprised when I pulled up in my local city car park today to find Monte Carlo #12 parked right across from me. It was only a matter of two hours since I found out that they’d even bought the car!
Please excuse the crappy cameraphone pic. That’s Monte #9 (my car) in the foreground and Monte #12 is across the way.
Congratulations to Elle on the purchase and upping the number of Montes in Hobart to at least three. I hope it brings years of enjoyment!!
It’s a small Saab world.

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