It’s a small Saab world….

Small world – part 1
There’s a lot of motoring stories about GM in the newspapers right now, from all parts of the world.
You can imagine Eggs n Grits being a little surprised (or maybe not) to see a familiar name in one of them a few days ago. The story was about Holden, and featured Holden’ current chief, Mark Reuss.
It turns out Mr Reuss and Mr Grits were students together at Vanderbuilt University back in the day.
Yes, only the very well educated get to write here at Saabs United!
Small world – part 2
On Tuesday I got a call about my Saab 900 from a guy in Queensland, Ben K. As it turns out, Ben’s a researcher at a university there and when some of his students found out he was a gearhead, they started seeking out his advice on prospective purchases.
He’s already steered a couple of them into Saabs, and the latest one is heading down to Sydney this weekend to pick up a red Saab 99 Turbo.
This particular red Saab 99 Turbo was being sold by a guy named Mark V and it should still be in impeccable condition.
How would I know this?
1) The price he’s been asking for it, for starters……and
2) I used to own it!
Here’s how it was back in 2005, not long before I sold it.
I only had the car for a matter of months before selling it to Mark. I was in a similar situation then as to the one I’m in now – too many cars and not enough room.
I had both this red 99T and my comparatively shabby white 99T at the same time. I had to sell something and this was the most saleable of the two cars.
I’ve asked Ben to make sure this young student is aware of the heritage he’s taking custody of. The Saab 99 Turbo is a rare beast. Even more rare in this good a condition. I hope he treats it well.

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