Jan-Ake Jonsson talks to Auto Motor and Sport

Auto Motor and Sport cornered Jan-Ake Jonsson for a quick interview whilst they were up at Jukkasjärvi test driving the Saab 9-3x.
Here are the dot points from the interview:
* It definitely seemed to be a relief for JAJ to get up north and talk about cars instead of talking business plans and politics.
* Saab will be looking to emphasise the reduction in emissions in the revised diesel engines. Whilst diesels are only FWD in the 9-3x, they still present a pretty compelling package in terms of emissions and economy, and as everyone knows, a FWD will till get you around very nicely in adverse conditions
* Saab have worked hard on optimising their E85 engines. The results won’t be seen until the new 9-5, but they’ve made significant efficiency gains by tuning the car specifically for E85 rather than just adapting a gasoline engine for the fuel.
* Saab are very confident in their ability to manufacture all their future cars in Trollhattan, minus the 9-4x. They have space for another vehicle line.
* The Auto Motor and Sport guys were considering the recent trend for retro cars like the Mini and Fiat 500. They suggested a modern take on the Saab 92. Jan Ake’s response: “Firstly, it is something I never thought about, frankly. In any case, not for me. But it would be interesting to give the idea to our designers and see what they could do.
Not gonna happen, but it would be interesting!

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