Join The Saab Movement on Facebook

I think I may have featured this when it was first created, or another support group on Facebook, but what the heck.
The Saab Movement is another group formed with the noble goal of demostrating Saab support. If you’re a friend of Trollhattan Saab on Facebook then you may have just received an invitation from me to join (I could only send 60 invites at a time, so I’m not snubbing you if you didn’t get one).
Saab Museum curator Peter Backstrom is pretty active on there, posting a few videos and acting as a recruiter.
There’s around 615 members in the group at the moment, with a goal of over 750. If you’re on Facebook (what sort of question is that????) then click here to join up.
Thanks to WooDz for the reminder!
Oh, and if you’re name’s Paul and you recently friended me on Facebook, I hit ‘Ignore’ by mistake. Please re-send.

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