Monday Snippets

We’ve got lots of upgrade news coming up in the next few weeks.
My upgraded ECU arrived today (very exciting) and an SU regular hooked his new BSR tune up to his 9-3 TiD SportCombi. The header of his email to me read “friggin brilliant!”
The New York Times has a good story on the current crisis at Saab and its effect on the city of Trollhattan.
There’s nothing new in terms of news there, but the story puts a human face on what can sometimes be treated as a numbers exercise (particularly by some ministers in the current government).
Thanks to Brooks and Don!
I’m not totally sure where Turbin picked this one up, but it was a photoshoot designed to inspire some thoughts of 1950s fashion in Sweden…..
And it brings memories of some of Saab’s earlier promotional photos, like this one of the Saab 99’s spacious interior:
1000274sml copy.jpg
Spotted on Flickr…..
Was this an original color for the Saab 96? I’ve not seen it before.
Finally, to tie-in with the Swedish Day UK theme for 2009 – 30 years of the Saab 900 – Robin M has had a 30-years sticker made up.
He’s got one for sale on Ebay but is looking for a way to sell multiple units through the one listing.
If anyone’s interested, shoot me an email and I can put you in touch with Robin.

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