More on the idea of a Saab/Volvo merger

No sooner had I published Tompa’s thoughts on the idea of a Saab/Volvo merger, then Sweeper emails me with a link to a Dagens Industri piece thinking along similar lines:
Here’s the article and here’s the Googletrans:
Thoughts on a new Volvo / Saab company have received new life. Not at all incredible, as vehicles analyst Matts Carlsson, who mention the AB Volvo, AP Funds and Vattenfall as potential partners.
Data in the Financial Times argues that Volvo Cars can become Swedish again. According to Matts Carlsson, it is the ever-persistent rumors of a Chinese buyer of the car manufacturer Volvo, which gathered momentum in several Swedish players. “From the Chinese point of departure is Volvo cleanly to get a strong brand and dealer. But my assessment is that the Swedish interests .
Matts Carlsson mean that trademark issue, the fact that the Volvo mark shared by AB Volvo and Volvo PV, involved. Moreover, he says that the large suppliers warned that a Chinese Volvo would fall low on the priority list.
“Volvo might not have access to the very latest technology because suppliers are afraid that the spill-over to China.”
“Overall, is this aspect that makes you start to draw the ears from the Swedish industrial establishment.”
And according to Matts Carlsson sources, there are plans to bring back the Volvo PV in American hands again.
“1999, AB Volvo had a strategic assessment that it would not build cars. But in light of everything that happens now, you can imagine that AB Volvo act, provided that the company does not risk the economy.”
How would it go to?
“One possible scenario is that someone, such as Leif Johansson or PG Gyllenhammar, is invited by the government to piece together a Swedish ownership solution with different partnerships.”
What the owner then?
“One can imagine that AB Volvo will partner with, for example, Vattenfall, and possibly Renault and forming an Swedish-European owner.”
It sounds like a revenge for PG Gyllenhammar old idea?
“Yes, and it has happened a lot in ten years. Now draw a new strategic map up where Ford and GM are taking significant steps back and others will take their place. Other Swedish owners mentioned is AP Funds or any of the investment companies. ”
Is the economy and the knowledge of it?
“Yes, it should be possible. Together with Saab would be a volume of up to 500.000-600.000 cars per year. In this situation, it should be possible with a Swedish solution.”
According to your sources discussed thus a new Saab / Volvo companies?
“Answer yes.”
When do you think we may know something more specific?
“I am surprised there have not been in the first half of 2009. But I thought that it would have been a solution already in the autumn, there is no reason for Ford and GM to wait, they must act.”
What do you think would be best for the Swedish car industry?
“The Chinese track is incredibly exciting, given that they will move up. But there is also considerable uncertainty as an answer to your question, I say a Swedish or Swedish-European constellation.”
Thanks Sweeper!

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