My Saab 9-3 Monte Carlo upgrade plans

This is my car:
Now that my 900 Aero has been sold and moved out of the way, I’m free to concentrate on making this car behave how I’d like it to. And that means a whole lot pain money upgrades.
The wheels and tyres were the first to go, shortly after I acquired the car. A few weeks ago, Drew B was kind enough to help me out with swapping the woodgrain dash panel for a blank one so that I could apply some Viggen-style carbon fibre treatment.
I’ve acquired a few other bits and pieces over the last few months and have a few other plans that I’m looking at.
Here’s how it’s all going down:
1) Steering rack clamp and brace – I picked this up from PFS at a big discount. The Abbott unit that I had on my Viggen cost me $500 plus installation back in 2007. This PFS unit cost $200 delivered. It’ll get installed in a few weeks.
2) Subframe brace – Lars S, a Viggen-owning Swede living here in Australia, made a subframe brace up for his car a few months ago. I asked him if he was taking orders – and he was! This will also be installed in a few weeks time and I’ll write more about it then. You can see Lars’ installation photos here and if any Aussies want to place an order, I can put you in touch. Lars tells me the brace is quite effective so I can’t wait to get it on there.
3) Upgraded ECU – I’m very excited to tell you that there’s one on it’s way. It’s in the post right now. More info when it arrives.
4) Koni dampers and springs – I definitely need the dampers, and sooner rather than later. I’d really like to get the springs as well, though I’m unsure as to whether the driveway will eat my car with it lowered a little. The Viggen was always OK on our drive, but I’m feeling cautious. The Koni dampers were superb on the Viggen, so I’m quote comfortable with the idea of going with them again.
5) Upgraded exhaust – I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do this shortly. It’s not a necessary thing, but it’ll certainly help the uprated engine breathe a bit easier.
6) Upgraded air intake – I’m wise to the fact that these don’t boost power, but as with the exhaust the upgraded air intake will hopefully allow for easier breathing and quicker uptake. The integrity of the filtration system is obviously of supreme importance here.
7) Upgraded intercooler – This is on the desirable, but not necessary list. I’m planning on keeping my Alfa through the winter for some club events and then selling it towards the end of the year. That’s when something like the intercooler would become a possibility.
8) Tape deck – also on the desirable, but not necessary list. My carbon fibre kit is made for a car with a tape deck, but my Monte has an in-dash CD player as well as a six-disc changer. I’d like to change out the CD player for a tape deck in order to use the full carbon fibre kit.

And yes, I’m going to de-pumpkin the car. The new smoky repeaters will get installed tonight.

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