No Saab Festival for 2009 – but ‘Saab Days’ go ahead in July!!!

Further to my initial entry on the subject, I’ve received some more information about Saabens Dagar, which will be held from July 17-19th.
For obvious reasons, the official, company-sponsored Saab Festival cannot happen this year. Saab’s reorganisation and the general economic situation dictate that the company cannot do this in 2009. Hopefully a healthier Saab will be able to host a Saab Festival at the next scheduled date, in 2011.
For 2009, though, three of the main Saab car clubs in Sweden – Swedish Saab Club, Saab Turbo Club of Sweden and Club Sonett Sweden – are going to combine their resources and organise Saabens Dagar, or Saab Days.
Here is the info that I’ve received so far:

We will grab the opportunity to work together with the organisers of the Midnight Sun Rally that will have a stop & go overnight at the Saab Car Museum between Friday Saturday and the local motorclub SMK Trollhättan will organize 2 specialstages around Trollhättan where the rallycars will compete. We expect around 180 rallycars, and of them 35-40 Saabs from Twostrokers to V4 and 99 turbos.
Driven flat out. The way they should be driven. A unique opportunity!!!!! See for more info.
Without being able to reveal the detailed Saabrelated programme yet for the weekend, the Trollhättans city will be in party mood during the annual Festival Fallens Dagar (“waterfalldays”).

More information will eventually be made available through the various club websites and I’ll do my best to share it here as it comes to hand.
Whilst not a traditional Saab Festival, I’m sure that this time is going to have plenty to offer the Saab enthusiast and I’m sure Saab will play a part through the museum and factory tours, etc.
If you’re anywhere nearby, then book a room, a campsite, whatever you can. Trollhattan in the summer is a beautiful, beautiful place. With a fleet of Saabs screaming around on a rally circuit, could it get any better?

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