On Saab’s potential investors….. and Volvo’s

There’s a Saab communique doing the rounds this week that solidifies the number of interested investors that Saab are talking to at the moment at 6 in number. There had been a little uncertainty as to how many.
The only other thing that’s mentioned, as per current news articles, is that they’re from in- and outside Sweden, and in- and outside the motoring industry.
The Financial Times report that there’s a Swedish group who are interested in purchasing Volvo in order to keep Swedish intellectual property in Sweden.
They also mention three potential Chinese bids, the prominence of which are obviously what’s stimulating Swedish interest.
The identity of the potential Swedish bidding group is unknown and the source is not identified, but one of the regulars here – Tompa – has a theory……

PG Gyllenhammar is the frontfigure in this bid. Volvo is the company mentioned but I guess that PG Gyllenhammars dream of merging Saab and Volvo to have a STRONG swedish automotive industry is still his prefered scenario for both swedish brands. Volvo will cost them alot of money, but Saab will only cost what is nescessary.
Trollhättan would still survive as Saabs place manufacture but R&D concentrated to Gothenburg (Is today to but would save tons of cash). The techs at both Saab and Volvo have been wanting this scenario for a long time. PG Gyllenhammar’s vision was that Volvo and Saab could coexcsist with Saab beeing in charge of what they are professionals at and Volvo the same with what they do best and then use the best avalible tech to make two individual brands the Best in the world. Saab focusing on sporty, practical family and single persons cars and Volvo the practical human carriers.
And why not? It will be somewhat like a dagger in many Volvo and Saab fanatics hearts but not for us that are enthusiasts and want what is best for Saab and likewise for the Volvo equals.
Same floorpans, Same brake systems, same base engines but make the brands totally different in other aspects. Audi and VW did it.. So why not Saab and Volvo? Ok this is a bit different being that they would act as opposites rather than the other more Premium than the other.
I think this is the absolute BEST scenario for BOTH Saab and Volvo. And they could give GM and Ford some serious competition.
Together they could also start a new company producing a “peoples” car. A car that without a doubt would steal a lot of sales from cheaper models from PSA, Renault, Kia etc in Sweden and abroad. A car priced equal to that of the named brands and other. Giving Saab and Volvo some extra needed cash.

I’m unfamiliar with the players Tompa mentions here.
I can see the nationalistic argument for this and I know that back in late 2008, some Saab and Volvo engineers proposed this very idea.
I just worry about the big-brother little-brother thing in a situation like this. There isn’t much technology that the two don’t already have in common, so I guess it could work.
I just really want Saab to be Saab – with their own identity – at least for a while.

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