Saab 9-3x shows up at Geneva

Our man at the Geneva Motor Show, Robin M, and our mate Etienne from the Saabhuy blog in Belgium have loaded up some first shots of the Saab 9-3x from the Geneva Motor Show. They’re over there with Golfhunter and a small cast of other Saab enthusiasts.
Robin managed to snap off this shot of the preparations being made:
Isn’t that a classy look? I love Saab’s motor show presentations. They really do personify taste. Fantastic.
And here’s the Saab 9-3x itself, looking great in white.
Here’s Etienne (center) and Robin (left) along with someone I don’t know (who I’m sure will be identified in due course).
Oh, there’s a car somewhere in there, too!
And here’s a Saab 9-3x in Pepper Green, loaded with some of the outdoorsy stuff one might expect this car to carry.
Looks superb. The best application of Pepper Green I’ve seen so far, actually.
Click through to SaabHuy to see more pics from the event, or even more at Etienne’s Flickr page.
We’ll hear from Robin M in due course.

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