Saab 9000 behaving badly

There was an accident in the UK yesterday where a 53 year old man in his Saab 9000 Aero lost control in freezing conditions and ended up paying an 80 year old woman a visit – through her loungeroom wall!
Accidents happen. Thankfully neither the driver or the elderly woman were hurt in any lasting way, though the car and the house will probably both be written off.
What’s got me curious, and maybe the Saab crash people as well….is the question as to why the rear hatch has popped open on such a wierd angle?
I’m quite sure it’s not meant to do that. Given that the driver’s door is open, they wouldn’t have needed to force the hatch to get access to the driver. Maybe it was forced open for other reasons, but if not, then why’s it done that?
I don’t suppose we’ll ever know, but if you’ve got the engineering nouse to analyse that and take a guess as to what’s happened, then please fire away.
Strange hatch openings aside, this is another case of a Saab giving itself up to protect its owner. Through a brick wall, no less.
I hope he salvages the seats.
Thanks Turbin!

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