Saab ANA dealership hanging out for the good times

An article about Saab’s local dealership, ANA Trollhattan, has appeared in the weekend edition of TTELA.
Saab dealerships are hurting all over the world right now. ANA Trollhattan is one of the biggest Saab dealerships in the world. They’re fortunate enough to have a very loyal local clientele, but they’re still under stress.
Despite this, they’re acting as if it’s business as usual and waiting, like the rest of us, for an announcement about Saab’s future.
Dippen’s been kind enough to provide a translation of the article for us.
Thanks Dippen!
ANA Trollhattan are optimistic about the future
Even with layoffs at Saab last week and dropping sales figures, Joachim Lind ,the CEO of ANA Trollhattan (the local Saab dealer in Trollhattan) is optimistic about the future.
– I know there are new fine products on their way and i think the situation will be very good when they arrive.
On the first of April Joachim Lind will be the new CEO for ANA Trollhattan AB,the local Saab dealer. He has worked as a salesman and sales chief for Saab both in Sweden and abroad.
Even if the situation surrounding Saab is stormy, he is positive about the future.
– I am proud and glad to get this job. Even if the circumstances could have been better. We are optimistic and we do keep our heads high. Compared to other dealerships who are defensive, our motto is “business as usual” and we are more offensive. We are in this together and fighting.
At ANA Trollhättan there is a lot of bookings on the service side. They have almost sold the same amount of pre owned Saabs as last year. Sales of new cars has gone down a bit but Joachim Lind thinks that it is because of the financial crisis.
– We have managed pretty well in the financial crisis. We are following the development of the situation surrounding Saab. We also have good contacts with the people at Saab,so we feel that we are well informed.
He knows many citizens in Trollhattan want to be loyal and buy a Saab. There are no customers who have canceled their order after the reconstruction of Saab was announced.
– We do notice that people want Saab to go well. In Trollhattan, sales are pretty decent but Saab in the rest of Sweden has seen a big drop in sales and I do think it is because of the uncertainty surrounding the brand. They are afraid that guarantees and service will be not valid if something happens to Saab.
His recipe aginst the uncertainty is to meet the customers and to think positively, advertise and to have sales campaigns. Also he thinks that when the new models that are on their way finally arrive, this will help sales.
– It is very important for Sweden that the new products comes out . That will be the turning point. What is needed is a buyer who wants to do something really good with Saab and then start to deliver. That is what we are waiting for.

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