Saab and the Swedish government closer to resolution

This is a new story, just published at the Gothenburg Post (thanks Per!).
The progress is great news, but the most important work is yet to be done, as you’ll see below.
This is a very quick web translation, which I’ll tidy up shortly (have to get ready for work!)
The government more favorable to the Saab’s business
One of the points of dispute between the government and Saab to get loan guarantees is finished.
– We have put the issue of the business plan behind us, “says Jan-Åke Jonsson.
In connection with the Saab on Monday evening turned up new 9-3X on bilmässan in Geneva told the President, Jan-Åke Jonsson, Saab and the Government is making progress in talks on the government loan guarantees for EIB loans.
– We had a number of discussions, as last Friday, “says Jan-Åke Jonsson.
Saab negotiating primarily with State Jöran Hägglund, while the Industry Minister Maud Olofsson, who condemned the Saab’s business plan as far too optimistic.
But now Saab has revised the plan.
– We drew down our volumes 10-15 per cent and showed that our calculations still hold, “says Jan-Åke Jonsson.
From the Industry Ministry is a bit more restrained in tone.
– The business plan is not the main focus. It is to find a new owner of Saab, “says Lisa Wärn at the Industry Ministry.
– We do not entirely agree on the business plan, “she added.
He admits that there is complete agreement in all details, but now it is so close to agreement that the parties put the issue of business aside.
This is a key point finish to get the government to agree to provide loan guarantees for loans from the European Investment Bank.
But is there a way to go.
– Now we are working with three things, “says Jonsson.
1) Cut out the Saab from GM.
2) Find a buyer. Saab goes this week, for the first time, to actively seek the tracks you have and any new ones.
– I have said that there are seven to eight stakeholders.
3) Bank-application. Now is the time to get an application and where the government will press on.
But to get the loan application guaranteed by the state, you must have a buyer?
– You said it, “says Jan-Åke Jonsson.

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