Saab at the Melbourne Motor Show

I got some photos through from Trent W. He’s recently been and visited the Motor Show in my old stomping grounds, in Melbourne.
Saab had a great stand at the last Aussie Motor Show I attended, back in 2006. That was in Sydney. The Aero-X was on display and there must have been 7 or 8 other Saabs there on display.
The same motor show was a little more subdued when Richo went there last for TS, back in 2007. The Turbo X was showing at that time.
This year, there are three cars only on display. Sign O the times, I guess.

That’s one convertible, one BioPower display car, one Turbo X (I think) and on the same slice of real estate – a Hummer.
Beggars can’t be choosers.
Trent said there were no Saab people at the stand, just a booth professional handing out brochures (it may have been a GM staffer. Lots of girlies at GM Premium Brands and they’re all great people, from my experience).
Apparently the Audi and BMW stands were bigger than Holden’s effort, with crowds to suit. The Audi people were being fairly smug when Trent went up for a chat, too.

“I get many SAAB owners coming in and picking up an A4”
And the one that leaves you thinking about what could have been – “Audi sales make up 80% of VW profit”! If GM had of invested in Saab, they could now be living off the fat.

Good call.
Thanks Trent!
I don’t have the figures in raw numbers, but apparently Saab sales were down 70% in February for the Australian market.

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