Saab have to pay their own wages again

When Saab filed for reorganisation back on February 20th, the government took responsibility for paying Saab’s workforce.
That pressure-release lasted only a month, however, and with it being the 20th March in Sweden today, that means their month is up.
As of today, Saab have to begin paying their workforce once again from their own funds. They have announced 750 layoffs during this time, but I’m not sure if they’ve taken effect as yet.
Saab’s next big date is April 6th.
On that date they will present their business plan to creditors and it will be up to the creditors as to whether Saab are able to keep operating at that time.
The courts will also have say, though their opinion will be largely nfluenced by that of the creditors group. It is worth noting that GM are Saab’s largest creditor.
If all goes well then Saab can continue until May 20th – three months from the original filing. At that time they can ask for an extension to continue their reorganisation, if required. The reorganisation can last for up to 12 months.
Original report – TTELA

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