Saab Museum could be threatened

Swedish publication Allt om Motor featured an article over the weekend indicating that the Saab Museum in Trollhattan could come under threat, perhaps even during the re-organsation process.
They interviewed a re-organisation administrator, though not the one involved in Saab’s re-organisation, who has emphasised the fact that sentimentality plays no part in the re-organisation process. The objective is to clean up the balance sheet and organise the business in such a way that it can be profitable in the future.

During the reorganization process, the Museum is of no value. The job now is to clean up the balance sheet and nothing else. But in case it becomes bankrupt museum can have problems, “says Rolf Åbjörnsson.
– If there is a commercial value of several million in the museum there is a risk that the collection could be sold at auction. Social or cultural values are not taken into account in the event of bankruptcy, it is purely monetary flow that applies, he believes.

There may be a little bit that’s lot in translation there. I’m not sure if he’s implying that the museum could be sold off during re-organisation, or just in the event that Saab’s re-organisation ends in a bankruptcy proceeding.
Saab Museum curator, Peter Bäckström, feels fairly comfortable with the immediate future:

Saab Automobile AB owns and operates the museum, but the property belongs to Trollhättan municipality. What will happen to the museum if Saab is closed, nobody knows. But museum Director Peter Bäckström is hopeful.
– Saab is Trollhättan. The reorganization process will be challenging, but it would surprise me if the administrator felt the need to close the museum, “he says.

I hope that’s correct. I’d hate to see all those beautiful cars just sold off to the highest bidder.
I’m sure that any future purchase of Saab will include the 110 vehicles in the Museum’s collection. If not, then I hope the city of Trollhattan will take steps to ensure the collection’s future.
That’s something I’d definitely donate towards.
Click through for video.

My visit to the Saab Museum back in 2007 (22mins)

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