Saab production set to resume as normal on Monday

The Local is reporting that Saab’s issues with Swedish customs are now fully resolved and normal production should resume on Monday.

Saab announced on Friday that an agreement had been reached with the Customs Agency’s representative Tullxperten which manages the import of Saab’s goods.
“We pay the Customs Agency and Saab pay us,” David Ekström at Tullxperten explained to news agency TT.
Production at the firm’s Trollhättan plant is now set to resume on Monday.
Production ground to a halt at Saab’s Trollhättan plant on Wednesday as the Customs Agency blocked the transportation of all goods to and from the company. Saab’s reconstruction had meant the loss of its customs credits.
Friday’s agreement concerns only deliveries to the factory.
The issue of customs formalities of the goods current in stock, including reserve parts, is not however yet resolved.
“We are working flat out on finding a solution to that, but it is not something that affects production.

There were two issues that hurt Saab’s production last week – this customs situation and an issue with a particular supplier.
GM have said that they’ll guarantee supplier payments whilst Saab is in reconstruction, however one supplier has mentioned in comments here at SU that they haven’t been paid yet.

I feel that I am a loyal Saab fanatic. I have bought several Saabs of various models. I currently own and drive a Saab. I am part owner of a small company that are a regular supplier to Saab and we are on the list of due creditors that Saab has published. As of yesterday, we had not seen any GM payment of our claims. What we here is that GM are paying some suppliers at the moment but not all. If this situation is not solved, our company might have to file for reconstruction too.

I hope that payment comes through soon. This is the potential domino effect that this reconstruction situation places a lot of companies in.
Another commenter noted that whilst Saab production did recommence after the initial customs and supplier issues early last week, the production that took place was very limited. Just 40 vehicles one day and a little more than 60 the next. These were customer orders rather than just general stock.
The Saab plant was not working Friday, which was a scheduled closure.

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