Saab TTiD opportunity in the US?

Co2 is harmful to the environment and its output needs to be regulated.
That statement wouldn’t surprise a single European reader but it might come as a surprise to US readers. Up until now the US market was mainly concerned with fuel economy and NOx output.
It seems that’s about to change as the EPA has finally come out and announced – actually, it’s more than announced, they’ve declared – that Co2 output is harmful and is going to come under the microscope.

In a letter to the White House, the Environmental Protection Agency has declared CO2 a danger to public welfare. This represents the next step in the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions that come from motor vehicles, power plants, factories, as well as certain appliances. The so-called “endangerment finding” that CO2 is harmful is currently under review in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). If it approves the finding, CO2 could be regulated under the Clean Air Act as stipulated by the Supreme Court in 2007.

Of course, Co2 output is a key indicator in Europe already, where in many countries, the taxes associated with a vehicle are based on Co2 output.
Saab have recently modified their superb TTiD engine to get it under the magic 140g/km emissions mark and thereby make it more attractive to corporate and private buyers alike.
I’ve been trumpeting the introduction of Saab’s diesels into the US market since way back in 2005 and GM have consistently said that they couldn’t justify the investment. This announcement from the EPA is just another brick along the road of progress and yet another indicator as to how far off the mark GM have been with Saab.
I hope a new owner can reconsider and bring these superb engines into the US market. The only companies to invest in diesel for the US were the German manufacturers and they’ve been getting plenty of kudos for doing so (also as predicted).
There’s going to be plenty of acceptance as US consumers get more and more comfortable with modern diesel technology. Saab would be crazy to miss out on a slice of that pie.

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