Saab update – the name and the logo

We have heard already that Saab are most likely going to cease using the griffin logo in the near future. The reason we’ve heard so far is that a 20-year agreement for Saab’s use of the logo will expire.
I’ve heard what is not necessarily a contrary reason today, but may explain why Saab will move to the wordmark instead of continuing to use the griffin.
The reason I’ve heard just today, coming out of Geneva, is that Saab Automobile AB will have to pay a rather large sum of money to keep using the griffin. My guess is that because the logo hasn’t been with Saab Automobile all throughout it’s history whereas the wordmark SAAB has in one form or another, they may as well save their money and build the name instead of a logo.
And speaking of the name……
Saab AB, the company with whom Saab Automobile AB share a common name, have moved to distance themselves from the troubled automaker.
They’ve published the following release on their website.

Saab – one name, two different companies
A great deal is being written about the Saab brand these days. In conjunction with this, we want to clarify certain facts.
The brand Saab is used by two parties – Saab AB and Saab Automobile AB.

  • Saab AB and Saab Automobile AB share a history within “Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget” (Swedish Aeroplane Aktiebolaget) which was founded in 1937.
  • In 1990 the passenger car division within former Saab-Scania became a separate company, Saab Automobile AB, owned by Saab-Scania and General Motors, 50 percent each.
  • In 1995 the Saab-Scania Group was divided into two companies, Saab AB and Scania AB. The car manufacturer Saab Automobile AB is still a company within Saab AB, 50 percent owned by Saab AB and 50 percent owned by General Motors.
  • Since 2000 the car manufacturer Saab Automobile AB is 100 percent owned by General Motors, whiles Saab AB, the defence and security company, is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, OMX Nordic Exchange.
  • Saab AB and the car manufacturer Saab Automobile AB are two different companies with unrelated ownership structures. The name and brand Saab is used by both Saab AB and Saab Automobile AB.

Saab is not affected by the reconstructing of Saab Automobile AB and will continue to develop and deliver effective systems, solutions and products within defence, aviation and civil security which are at the leading edge of technology. Learn more about Saab’s offering by following the links to the right.

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