Saab US sales data – February 2009

It’s time to tell you what many of you already know…..sales in the US for February were a big hulking, steaming pile of crap. That’s all thanks to a combination of a US recession, a somewhat unpopular GM bailout and talk of Saab being cut loose (not to mention a pricing policy that’s a bit like Paris Hilton – too much).
To the numbers, then. Might as well get it over and done quickly.
Saab 9-3
There were 414 units of the Saab 9-3 sold during February, down from 1,071 in the same month last year. That’s a month-on-month fall of 61.3% in raw terms and a fall of 59.7% in terms of sales days for the month.
Saab 9-5
There were just 68 units of the Saab 9-5 sold during February. 68!
In the same month last year, SaabUSA sold 223 units of the Saab 9-5, which means a fall of 69.5% raw, or 68.2% per sales day.
Saab 9-7x
Like it or not, the Saab 9-7x has consistently been Saab’s second best seller in the US market since its release. If you need a pointer as to why the Saab 9-4x will come in handy, there it is.
This month was no different, with 230 units of the Saab 9-7x being sold in February. That’s a fall from 439 sold last year, and down 47.6% in raw terms and 45.4% per sales day.
I think that once independence from GM is achieved, Saab are going to have to completely re-think their approach to the US market.
Pricing, standard equipment, marketing, customer service, retail, internet, corporate image. Is there an aspect of their business in the US that hasn’t gone backwards in the last 12-18 months?
Only a total reconstruction of their US model will pull this one out. The damage is pretty major.
Autoblog have the industry-wide data up now and it’s another sea of red ink. The only exceptions were Hyundai/Kia and Subaru.
Kia and Subaru actually gained on the month, and Hyundai was the only company to record a fall as small as 1.5% for the month.
The next-smallest fall was Porsche who were down 11.5%.

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