Site statistics – February 2009

It’s time once again to see how many of you are poking around in the drawers of the SU-TS conglomerate. Site stats are reported because it keeps me motivated and interested, it provides a little interesting side content for you, our valued readers, and it shows Saab that there’s some value in this here internet thingy.
February 2009 was, of course, the first month of operations here at Saabs United. Consequently, I will combine the visitor numbers for both Trollhattan Saab and Saabs United.
The SU-TS group served a total of 348,046 pages during February this year, which is a rather massive increase over the 260,391 pages served by Trollhattan Saab in February 2008. It’s an even bigger increase over the 251,000 pageviews from last month.
Here are the individual and combined charts:
The big spikes are, of course, the announcements that GM and Saab made with regard to bailout plans and Saab persuing independence, and the decision to enter a reconstruction process.
Visitors came from all around the world, as usual. There were 50,045 unique visitors that came to TS and just over half that amount visiting Saabs United. The discrepancy there is primary due to SU’s reduced exposure in search engines, but will rise steadily in time as content becomes indexed and pages get linked up.
On to the fun parts – where the visitors came from….

Here are the top 20 countries:
And the top 21 cities. It was going to be a top 20 list as well, but I think the reason it was extended should be obvious.
Greetings to our #1 viewing city!
Yes, I was surprised it was London, too. A good spread all over the mother country, actually, which is nice. I must remember to mention the cricket more often.
Greetings to SaabKen and all my inlaws back in Vancouver!!
Could Hyundai/Kia be one of the companies enquiring about purchasing Saab? They might want to get the locals a bit more interested in the cars first!
Saabs United enjoyed a very good launch month and I’m very pleased to have made this switch now, in time to build the site in conjunction with Saab’s rebuilding.
Here’s to an even better month in March!

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