State of Nine Saab Survey results

A few weeks ago I invited people to participate in a survey being conducted by one of our Saabs United website sponsors – State of Nine.
The results have been tabulated and presented and I received this release from State of Nine a few days ago.
Saab Enthusiasts Have High Hopes for Brand Despite Probable Split with GM
State of Nine, the world’s premier website for Saab enthusiasts, recently polled its customers to learn what they hope will happen with the neglected Saab brand.
More than 2,200 customers responded to the “Save Our Brand” online survey at . Results about the state of the brand included:

  • 53.9 percent of customers would like to see Saab become an independent brand, while 21 percent would like to see it merge with another brand
  • If Saab were to merge, 22.5 percent would like to it with Volvo and 17.6 percent would like it to be BMW

Members also shared their opinions on the best features of the Saab: 32.2 percent say that it is fun to drive and 24.9 percent appreciate the design the most. The majority of respondents are driving the Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5.
By a large margin, State of Nine members polled say their favorite Saab model is the Classic 900.
Saab owner Jack Stoughton would love to see Saab and Saturn merge and then have a car company like Fiat purchase them to run as an independent company.
“The marketing and engineering of these two cars are almost the same – but the Saab has a much more upscale market segment,” Stoughton said.
Saab owner Simon Anderson said that the State of Nine survey clearly demonstrates the car company’s loyal customer base.
“SAAB’s loyal customers will strongly support their brand through a transition to return to the advantages an independently owned car company offers in terms of innovation in safety, design and driving pleasure,” he said.
State of Nine was founded in 2002 and has served 30,000 customers. State of Nine was founded on the principal that owning a Saab is a lifestyle. It also sells Saab accessories and products.

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