Student crashes, dies in Saab 900

File this under “there are certain things that even a Saab won’t save you from”
What are those things? Try being inexperienced and then driving at night, whilst high, in a car you took without permission from a friend’s parent, and all whilst driving without a seat-belt.
From Independent Mail:

PIEDMONT — A Wren High School senior died early Sunday morning after he drove a car off the left side of River Road in Piedmont and was ejected from the vehicle.
Christopher Ray Rose, 18, lost control of a 1989 Saab around 12:20 a.m. before the car flipped and struck a tree, said Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore.
Rose, of Old Mill Road in Easley was pronounced dead at the accident scene after suffering blunt force trauma to his head, neck and chest, Shore said.

And from another report…..

Troopers said that Rose had been smoking marijuana before he took the car.
Rose didn’t have his own car at the house, the friend said. After the friend’s mother went to bed, Rose took the car and drove off, according to investigators…..
…..Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore said that Rose was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the car before it hit the tree.

I’m really, really sorry to hear of this kid’s death. The death of almost any young person is a tragedy, especially when it’s so avoidable.
I don’t want to come across as being preachy, but driving under the influence of any substance is playing Russian Roulette with your life and the lives of others. If there’s any young Saab nuts reading this, please think twice and understand that you can’t take stuff and then take the wheel.
And second, whilst your Saab is built with the highest safety standards that were available at the time of its manufacture, there’s only so much it can do for you if you’re not wearing your seat belt.
A regrettable tragedy all round.
Thanks Ted!

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