TIme for a little culture: Saab-inspired poetry!

I’m a musician and my wife is a painter, therefore I’m not a complete butt-head when it comes to the arts.
I’ve got to confess, though, that I’m a complete doofus when it comes to poetry. I don’t really get it when it doesn’t rhyme, which is why the only poem I can ever remember starts with “The once was a man from Nantucket….”
When Raphaela Elliot-Hunt sent this in, then, I was feeling a little bit cautious. Raph’s a Saab 9-3 owner – she’s got a very sweet SportCombi. After she’d turned her literary talents to her car, she showed the results to a few Saabisti friends who suggested she send it to me.
So be it. We don’t get enough input from the fairer sex around here.
Prepare to be cultured….
SC Peach Sunset.jpg
Above is Raphaela’s Saab, and I’m pleased to say that her work is reproduced with her kind permission below.
Thanks Raphaela!
Her sleek lines make me drool,
Her 19″ rims growl back at me,
Her body so smooth, so silky
Its perpetual water,
Color makes no difference,
Smell of maintained leather,
Enters my comfort zone,
Micro climate,
Don’t worry about anything,
Just let her do what she is best at,
Wrapping you in luxury.
Start up that deep purring engine,
Warm it up and boost the turbo,
Thrust back like every woman dreams of,
As you are silkily projected down the road,
All the time thinking,
What a jet.
© Raphaela Elliot-Hunt, March 17, 2009

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