Trollhattan pilgrimage – made and enjoyed

I’ve just received an email from a regular reader who lives in the US and who is currently on holiday with his family in Europe.
Asher’s family own a number of Saabs between them, so a stop in Trollhattan was a no-brainer and it sounds as if they had a grand time while they were there.
I wanted to update you on our pilgrimage to Trollhattan. We ended up having a fantastic time in SAAB country. We took a factory tour, and everyone was relatively upbeat as to SAAB’s future, with people talking about rumors of foreign investment coming soon.
We spent a few hours at SAAB ANA, where they had a new Hirsched out 9-3 Combi on the floor, it was a brilliant car, and the leather dash is gorgeous in the flesh. The parts guru there took us to SDCC where we got a few posters and some parts… It really was SAAB heaven.
The highlight of the day was the SAAB museum where we actually ran into Mr. Erik Carlsson himself as he was arriving for his birthday celebrations… I could not have imagined a better Trollhattan experience…

And a few photos…..
A very sexy looking blue/grey convertible outside the main gate to the Saab factory. Just in front of that car (to the left of shot) is the reception area where I met Christer Nilsson for my own tour of the factory. Ah, take me back!
Asher on the left. I assume that’s his father in the middle, and Mr Saab himself, Erik Carlsson, on the right. Taken in the entry foyer to the Saab Museum. Ah, take me back!
The very first Saab convertible concepts on show at the Saab Museum, with the very first Saab 99Turbo from the 1977 Frankfurt Motor Show in the background. Interesting factoid – the 99T on display actually has EMS badges on the inside.
If the worst happens and Saab are dissolved and the museum cars are auctioned, I’m going to re-mortgage our home to get that 99T in Australia.
Ah, take me back!
Thanks to Asher for the quick update and the happy snaps.
Anyone who gets a chance to do so, please make sure you go and visit Trollhattan. it really is a beautiful city and a Saab-lover’s paradise.

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