Wednesday Short Snippets

Quick photo-snippets to put you me in a happier state of mind…..
“Me” has written in noting the precedent for the Saab 9-4x grille bulging up into the front hood.
The Saab 9-4x:
The precedent:
I’m amazed this hasn’t been written about before, but I’m sure it hasn’t.
Thanks to “Me” (sounds very vain whe I write that) for the pics and pointers.
Sweden’s Minister-for-pessimism-and-spanking-bad-companies, Maud Olofsson, has stated that indeed there are a number of firms interested in acquiring Saab.

“There are a number of interested parties,” Olofsson told reporters.

But just in case this was mistaken for being good news, she also added:

“There are many who go to apartment viewings, but not everyone is there to buy.”

I’m not sure that it’s an applicable metaphor. Is she suggesting that some of these interested companies are just having a peek to see how Saab furnished the place? What they did with the bathrooms? The landscaping?
A guy named Martiini has a great little set of photos on Flickr from his visit to the Saab Museum over the weekend.
And our very own Rune went to the museum on the weekend too, and was quite fascinated with the Paddan (the Toad).
This was a Saab 96, widened and fitted on the frame of a Saab 99 so that Saab could do some vehicle testing without people noticing it was a new car.
When you feel grumpy – LOLcats to the rescue:

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