Wednesday Snippets – Saab dealers, lottery winners, new bailouts


  • There are now 12,736 registered rescuers at
  • The Saab 9-3x has 717 votes (12%) in the Car and Driver poll, which puts it in 4th place behind the Audi $8 V10, the Aston Martin V12 Vantage and the Ford Focus RS.

A former Saab employee and Trollhattan resident won a lottery in Sweden last week. He pocketed almost 3 million kronor from his 32SEK ticket.
What to do on such an occasion?

“We celebrated with champagne at home and as soon as I have the money in my account, it is said that a new Saab and a new computer. Then we shall see”, ends winner who wants to remain anonymous.

Thanks Per!
The need for a bailout isn’t just an American or European phenomenon anymore.
The seemingly invincible Toyota has asked for a $3billion dollar support package for it’s wholly owned finance arm.
In addition to that, Honda, Nissan and Mazda are also going to the Japan Bank for support.
With so much uncertainty surrounding Saab at the moment, dealers are having to strategise as to how they’re going to get through the current crisis and stay in business.
The Sewell group of dealership in Texas is thinking of specialising in used vehicles:

Sewell Hummer and Sewell Saab, which share facilities in Dallas and Plano, are proceeding with business as usual – though both sell seven to 10 times as many used vehicles as new, owner Carl Sewell said Friday.
Ultimately, both could evolve into high-end used car operations similar in concept to a CarMax, said Sewell, chairman of Dallas-based Sewell Automotive Cos.

I’ve featured Sewell here before and it seems they’re a good bunch of people to have carrying the Saab name. I hope they can hold out.
If there’s any other dealers tuning in, feel free to let us know how you’re holding up and what you’re doing to ensure you can carry through.
Thanks Bill!

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