A safety reminder from Saab and Flickr

Two things popped up on my Flickr feed this morning and I thought they tied in together pretty well. Consequently, you’re seeing them here.
Safety is one of Saab’s brand pillars and they’ve been (somewhat unheralded) safety leaders for years now. Check this video for some great historical info on Saab safety.
First, a reminder as to why it’s important.
Saab safety
And then an example of Saab safety in action.
As you can see from this shot, the front has been wrecked….
…..as has the rear. Airbags were deployed….
…..but as is should be, the Saab passenger cell is intact.
Perhaps a slight kink at the B-pillar, but I’d suggest everyone came out of this OK.
Safety is an integral part of your Saab. It’s been that way ever since they started making cars. It can’t save you from every possible situation, but you’ll stand a better chance in your Saab compared to almost any other car you can buy.

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