An itty-bitty Titti update on their visit to Saab

Titti Schultz from RIX FM and her partner in audio, a guy named Jocke Bäckström, visited the Saab factory in Trollhattan and provided some updates on their show,which Tompa has been kind enough to write down and send in.
They went to the factory and in the factory they met workers. And eventhough times are hard and lots of people have been given notice the feeling of the future is a Very positive one.
Titti mounted wheels at the assembly-line. She greased hubs and screwed on bolts. The specific cars that she worked on were going to Poland.
Quality testing, driving, braking etc. They said that the particular car probably was going to the Italian maffia since the interior was covered in plastic… Jocke in the back seat asked if they planned on shooting him 🙂
The factory is extremely clean.
They got to look at the NG9-5 in the flesh!!!!! And it´s beautiful! They also saw a prototype that never has been mentioned (The next generation 9-3???) and all other cars. Titti and Jocke were without words. Beautiful cars. One of the cars was extravagant like a Saab “Batmobile” at least to Jocke.
They had to leave their cameras, phones etc with Saab staff but since she has seen them and know of many specific bits of coming tech, looks etc she now is scared that the Saab competition is going to attack her 😀
If there is a new owner by tomorrow she has succeeded in her assignment
Rix is extra kind towards Norway this week. This because of the rumors that the norwegians are interested in acquiring Saab.
Titti has tried to reach Jens Stoltenberg the Norwegian Prime Minister without any luck.
Titti knows more of the owner sitiuation than she can tell and she is biting her tongue…..
Rix have the Norwegian national eurovision songcontest winner in the studion this morning. The hosts said that they will vote for him in the final if Norway buy Saab. 🙂

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