An open letter to those prospective Saab owners

I’d like to say a nice big hello to those groups out there who are investing in Saab.
You know who you are. We don’t, because you’ve signed a confidentiality agreement and as expected, it’s being honored by those who signed it with you.
Whoever you are, though, you’re interested in Saab. Here at Saabs United and on other websites around the tubes, we’re also interested in Saab. We may even be more interested in Saab than what some of you are. In fact, I’m sure that’s the case. Some of you are probably just cashed up investors looking for an asset to flip. But hopefully there’s one or two of you who are as interested in Saab as what we are.
If that’s you,then read on…..
The Saab company that you’ve gone and toured in the last few weeks is surely a very lean operation. They have a very lean product range and at the moment, the sales figures are looking rather lean as well.
If Saab look like a bit of an emaciated shell to you, it’s because they’ve been living off scraps from GM’s table for the last 10 or so years.
But I bet you saw something there, didn’t you?
I bet you saw a spark. I bet you saw signs of life and an excitement, an enthusiasm that shouldn’t normally underpin an organisation that’s been through so much.
What you saw was a confidence in the future, a confidence that can only come from people who know beyond all reasonable doubt that they have something. Saab’s something is a philosophy that’s over 60 yeaars in the making, and perfect for modern motoring. Saab’s something is a knowledge that properly backed, they can design their way to a new future in the automobile world. Saab’s something is a knowledge that there’s a whole crowd of people out there waiting, anticipating, cheering for this little company that can.
I believe that what Saab want, and what we-the-people want, is to have life. Not a heartbeat. But real life.
We want the 2010 Saab 9-5 to be a very competent,acomplished and advanced car. We want it to excel. We want to get excited about it.
But perhaps more than that, we want the cars that will come after the Saab 9-5 – the cars that you and Saab will bring to life.
We want a new, totally ass-kicking Saab 9-3 for the mainstream.
We want a new convertible based around the Saab 9-X Air that goes even better than it looks.
We want a new smaller Saab to toss around. One that can compete successfully in whatever form of motorsport you choose to enter it in.
We want to set BMW, Audi, Citroen, Volvo and everyone else on their asses with our creativity and execution.
We want an Aero-X. Even if it’s a sensible one.
You see, this isn’t about giving Saab CPR and helping them to struggle on for a few more years. This is about a small but storied autombile manufacturer with a sporting heritage, a penchant for design and a historically proven record for being different when being different mattered because you were being right. This is about a company that should be allowed to live in the fullest sense of the word.
This is not about automotive appliances. This is about a brand, a driving way of life. This is about taking the long way home. It’s about the turbo rush. It’s about cars being safe, but scintillating.
I’ve been to Trollhattan. I’ve met a number of the people who used to make these cars, and even more people who still make them now. This is truly a family company in the catholic sense. I’ve met so many quality people from running this website. I’ve broken bread with many of them. I’ve stayed in their homes and had them stay in mine.
We’ve shared frustrations, happiness and many miles of driving pleasure all because of these fantastic automobiles, ones that are unlike any other.
We want Saab to be great again. We’re all here waiting and hoping that you want Saab to be great again too.
You felt that when you were in Trollhattan, didn’t you?

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