Aussie Saab national gathering this weekend in Canberra

This Easter will see the Saab Car Club of Australia have their national gathering, this time in the nation’s capital – Canberra.
The following is a release from the SCCA about the event. All comers are welcome to meet the club as they gather and join in the driving events.
parliamenthouse.jpg A group of members from the Saab Car Club of Australia will be driving their Saabs to Canberra this Easter for the Saab car Club of Australia national get together, held every two years. Saab car club members and their families from around Australia will be arriving with various Saabs from older models to the very latest Saabs, to enjoy the club events including touring and sightseeing, visiting local wineries and enjoying Canberra restaurants and hospitality and importantly showing their Saabs around Canberra.
The main event for this weekend will be the judging of the national Saab Car Club of Australia Concours, where the various Saabs models will be prepared and polished for this major event, the club also invites the public to join in and view the cars and talk with club members, this event will be held in the Treasury car park at the old Parliament house, starting at 10.30 am, on Sunday 12th April.
The Saab Car Club of Australia has active branches in NSW, Queensland, Victoria/South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia, and provides our members with a choice of social, technical and driving events and has a strong membership base of owners.
Saab Car Clubs have been operating since Saab started to build cars, Saab is a established international brand and is supported by Saab owner Clubs across Europe, all of North America, Asia and many other countries, the Saab owners clubs represents 1000’s of enthusiastic Saab owners.
This national event also coincides with the announcement on Saabs new models to be soon released in Australia, including the new Flex- Fuel Bio power engines and the two stage diesel powered models to be available across the full model range, plus the release of the 9.3 Aero V6 range with increased performance, proving again that Saab continues to show leadership in innovative cars and engines.
Saab company representatives in Australia and Commonwealth Motors in Canberra are supporters of this national event and the Saab Car Club of Australia.
I really wish I could make it up there myself, but I don’t have enough leave available to go along as well as make other commitments that I have for the year. It’d be great fun, though, and if you can make it there then I’d encourage you to do so.

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