Easter Saturday Snippets

It’s a sad fact that almost all the news from the car business right now is news about ‘the business’ with very little about the ‘cars’.
Witness: the headlines in my Automotive News email alert for the day. Now this is a business newspaper, but it just struck me how many of today’s big stories are about debt and finance. It’s the times we live in, I guess.
I haven’t sent anyone along to the New York Auto Show press day this year as we saw the Saab 9-3x debut just a month or so ago and I wasn’t assured of getting assistance or invitations for people anyway.
Ryan went along, though, and he has photos of the Saab stand for those who are interested.
Barrett Jackson auctioneers in the US are selling off another group of cars from the GM Heritage Collection this weekend.
I’ve just perused the list and there are no Saabs amongst them. It looks like a number of pace cars from racing and other assorted low-level show cars.
The not-so-good news of Saab dealer closures in the US has slowed in recent months, though another has just announced they’ll be closing their doors in the next few months.
This one is the Accent Auto Group in Milford, New Hampshire.
Press release and story are here.
Thanks Paul!
From Flickr.
A scanned photo from around 1962 in London, apparently. Somehow I have the feeling that you could reproduce that one even today if you could find the right car.

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