Eric Geers on the Saab creditors meeting

My thanks to Dippen once again for another translation, this time from a brief radio interview given by Eric Geers to Swedish Radio.
I’m quite sure they’re all working flat out to get everything ready for Monday’s meeting. Eric Geers seems to be pretty happy with how things are going.
Saab is ready for the meeting with the creditors.
It may be quite empty at Vanersborg court on Monday when the reconstruction team will present a solution to the situation Saab is in. The reason for this is the most of creditors have already been paid.
Saab Exec. Director Communications Eric Geers thinks that there will not be that many creditors on the meeting on Monday and it can even be the case that nobody shows up.
– Then we will go home, and carry on with the reconstruction he says with a smile.
But if someone shows up then Saab is ready to explain the situation.
We are there to inform about the current status of the reconstruction and to answer any questions asked, says Eric Geers.
Eric Geers means that the best thing that can happen for Saab on Monday is that the judge gives Saab more time.
– What we do expect is that the judge takes a decision and hopefully the decision is that we can continue (with the reconstruction)
I mentioned a few days ago that the majority of Saab’s creditors have been paid and a huge portion of the remainder are due for payment the day after the hearing in Vanersborg. As predicted, this may make for a quiet meeting on Monday, but I’m sure there’ll still be plenty of interest.
Creditors may have been paid, but they’re still suppliers and still have an interest in what Saab will do in the future – which is what this plan is all about.
If I may be so bold……
My advice to Saab’s executive – don’t make the same fatal mistakes that GM’s executive made at their Senate Committee hearings in Washington. Make sure your full business case is ready. Make sure it’s communicated and make sure it’s understood.
I work in a field where I’m evaluating people’s work every day. The one thing they don’t realise is that they know their job better than I do. If I don’t understand something then I need them to tell me about it.
It’s the same with the judges that will be hearing this submission. You know the car business. They don’t. Make them understand.

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