“Fritz Henderson does not like Saab”

Now here’s a different angle. And it’s one I’m not sure I believe.
GT.se, which I think is run our sourced by Expressen, are writing that Geely are trying to press Gm to sell Saab – to them. Apparently whilst they’ve been sniffing around Volvo as well, their interest in the bigger Swede is only superficial, a sort of smoke and mirrors things to hide their interest in Saab, which is the company they really want.
GT.se also say that GM are reluctant to sell, primarily because they don’t want to sell technology to someone who may be a competitor in the future.
But wouldn’t that apply to anyone who took Saab off GM’s hands?
Yes, it would, which is why they go on to say Fritz Henderson does not like Saab and he would prefer the label disappeared, “says a GM source of Expressen.
Now that conflicts with everything I’ve heard previously about Henderson. I’m sure he does want to safeguard GM’s technology, but I’m also sure he wants a working partner for Saab in the future, if only to preserve possible future working relationships and market perception of GM in Europe.

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