Geely visit Saab for a look around

We had our own spy confirm that execs from Koenigsegg have been visiting the Saab factory and taking a look around.
Not there’s a story from Swedish Radio West stating that Geely have been kicking Saab’s tyres this week as well.
Saab are in the midst of hosting a number of interested parties. They’ve signed confidentiality agreements with 27 different groups but reports over the weekend stated that of these, only around half a dozen could be considered serious propositions.
It’s unknown how many of the 27 Saab will allow into their budoir, but with K-Segg and Geely identified, I guess that leaves 25 to go at the most.
From the Swedish Radio West report, courtesy of the little translation monkeys at Google:

Saab has had visits from representatives of the Chinese car maker Geely, which has long been one of the names mentioned as a possible Saab buyer…..
….Last week took place at least two visits and Sveriges Radio West can now reveal that one of the stakeholders, who then was in place in Trollhättan, were representatives from the Chinese car manufacturer Geely.
(This is) something that is a little surprising in view of statements by Daniel Dai, Geely’s manager at International Business Chamber, in early April.
– We have no interest in Saab in any part. We have nothing to do with Saab,” he said then.
But now a secure source from Saab has confirmed to Swedish Radio West that representatives from Chinese Geely was in place in the middle of last week, and that they are interested in the Saab.
Last week was a speculator (also visited) – when there was a European company.

If there’s any more notable sightings, please let me know.

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