Help Autoblog publish news about Saab

Sometimes life has a habit of getting in the way, like today. Once again, I’ll be out due to work commitments that really suck so writing here will be thin on the ground. The savings grace for me is that all the big news happened last night. I could break it down into 7 different blog posts but together, we put it all in one.
One concern that I’ve had is that the news media wouldn’t cover yesterday’s great Saab developments with the same vigour they used when Saab went into reorganisation.
Many have covered the news and quite well, but one that hasn’t is Autoblog.
They’ve also ignored several recent Saab stories that I’ve emailed to them, so I’m asking for your help to get their attention.
Webmasters like to know what’s going on with their sites and if there’s a spike in traffic, they usually look to see why. Seeing they’ve developed this habit of not reading my mail, I’d like to get their attention the internet way and point them towards today’s great Saab news.
Saabs United readers: please click here to visit Autoblog’s Saab section and let them know we’re thinking of them, hoping they’ll spread the good Saab news to a wider audience.
Autoblog writers: please check out the following link to get the run down on what happened in Sweden yesterday.

Thanks all.

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