Hot or not? Custom Saab graphic….

These sorts of cars are definitely an acquired taste. I’d never do a big graphics job on a car myself, but there are some that are done really well and there are some that aren’t.
For the most part, I think this car falls into the first category. There are some Saabs I’ve seen with graphics on them that look absolutely terrible, but this isn’t one. Not by a long shot. But there’s part of it I’m not sure about.
As mentioned, I think parts of this are really good, and there’s a bit that isn’t so good. But like just about all custom Saabs, I’ve got nothing but respect for the dedication that the owner’s put into this one.
Here are the graphics. Click to enlarge:
Our owner is apparently a Romanian guy and as you can see, the car is fairly new. I’m not sure if he’ll be reading this or not, so if you don’t like it (and I know some won’t), please keep your comments respectful, like you would if you were standing next to him looking over the car.
And next you’ll see the bit that I’m not so sure about…..

See, the graphics I can understand. It’s a griffin but much more dramatic. It’s big and bold and on the black paint it looks kinda neat.
I’d never get a tattoo, either, but I can admire them.
But I don’t get the white panelling on the top surfaces. It looks a little like the stuff they wrap cars in to protect the paint.
As you can see, below, there’s also some other white trim, which is quite a bit more subtle. I like the white around the bottom, I’m just not so sure about the stuff on the top.
Again, much respect to our extrovert Saab owning friend. I’m glad someone did it.

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