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Hey all,
Sorry for the 24 hour gap. One of the bad thing about being in Tassie is the number of hotels with web access is pretty small. It’s even worse when you stay at a place that claims to have access, but their access doesn’t work for you.
So, I’m switching hotels today. The thought of another sleepless night wondering if I’d wake up to headlines I hadn’t covered is a little hard to take.
Justin Lin, the guy behind the latest Fast and Furious movie, drives a Saab.
If you didn’t catch the story in comments, the 10 or so potential buyers who are interested in Saab are now known to the IF Metall union. Apparently they’re coming in to Saab to have a look around soon.
It’s all beginning to happen. And with a 60 day deadline hanging over GM’s head, I reckon they’ll be keen for it to happen quickly, too.
The next big date on Saab’s calendar is Monday, April 6. That’s the date of the big creditor’s meeting to look over Saab’s current situation and decide if they should continue on their current restructuring course.
There is an article in the Stockholm News about this next landmark date. Recommended reading.

The district court decides if the plan for restructuring holds. The creditors’ meeting will be held at the session chamber of the municipal council in Vänersborg, since the interest from media and employees is believed to be massive.
Up to three judges could participate. District court judge Cecilia Tisell is one of them.
– There has to be a viable business concept. The proposal has to be persistent and realistic. The creditors’ views are important, she says to news agency TT.
According to Swedish law shall the restructuring end if the official trustee or a creditor asks for it and “the objective with the restructuring is not considered to be reached”.

Semi-normal services should resume this evening. Thanks for your patience.

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