March 2009 – North American Saab sales data

First, to the good news.
A real-life, non-April fools Saab sales rise!!
My thanks to Saab Canada for giving us something to smile about with a 126% sales rise in March 2009. That’s off a pretty small base, so take little notice of the large percentage.
But anyone posting a sales rise at the moment gets a tip from my hat!
thanks Kroum!
And to the United States……..
Saab sales were down once again and we all know why so I won’t keep spinning the record (I’m also pretty busy with real work – go figure!)
Total Saab sales were down by 57.3% in March 2009, with 1,265 vehicles sold for the month compared with 2,962 in the same month last year.
Individual models:
Saab 9-3
Down 67.7%
689 vehicles sold vs 2,133 last year.
Saab 9-5
Down 48.4%
163 vehicles sold vs 316 last year
Saab 9-7x
Down 19.5%
413 vehicles sold vs 513 last year.
Yes, the Saab 9-7x was just 276 units away from being the best-selling Saab in the United States last month.

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