Metaphor for a car company

Via email…..reprinted here with thanks.
I do some work for a Saab Dealership (nothing car related) and the other day when I parked my car in their back-lot a set of all too familiar looking wheels caught my eye. There, in their back-lot, together with old crashed cars waiting for repair and similar fates was this 9-3 Turbo X.
Put out, unprotected from weather and wind with the dust to prove it.
It was without a tax stamp (uncertain on that word) so I took a look at the Swedish DMV and she had never had a owner.
Perhaps it has gone from dealer to dealer looking for a buyer and now put out on a back-lot with an uncertain fate. Perhaps it’s a demo car waiting to be taken under the tender care of by the mechanics, restored and then sold if possible.
But it hurt me to see it like that. All that potential just sitting there unused, though so many sought after her and cars like her.
Unfortunately a bit too much like the brand itself right now..
But we all know what comes after rain….
If I was free to tell the story the way I wanted this is the part where I tell you I bought her and gave her a new home but unfortunately I don’t have that kind of money.
But still.. Things will hopefully pick up some day, both for the brand and for this car.

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