My Easter holiday doings

I hope you don’t mind the relative quiet around here but I’ve been enjoying some relative quiet of my own during this Easter holiday break. Our young bloke and his girlfriend have come home to visit so we’ve all been playing games and generally just having a good time.
Today, though, I got a little more car-focused once again.
Last weekend I did something rather important. I did the post-900 clean out of our garage. I managed to take a full load of crap to the dump in the back of the 9000 on Saturday. So why was this important?
Well, now that the garage is cleaned out, the Alfa has moved in there, which means that my Monte Carlo, for the first time since I bought it back in January, is my primary vehicle. this makes for quite a change. The Monte has always been the-car-in-the-front-yard, or the-car-I’ll-get-to-later. Now it’s right in the spotlight.
As, such, it’s in for some attention. I’ve been holding on to some Phillips H4 bulbs from Elkparts for a while now. Hopefully they’ll go in tomorrow, as will my smoky side repeaters and the subframe brace Lars made up for me.
In the next week or so I’ll get some new front dampers installed, along with my steering rack clamp and brace, and finally the one I’m waiting for – the Hirsch ECU and wastegate. That’s going to make for one nice little ride.
I had some other things planned as well, but I’ve decided to leave the makeover of the Monte at the mild stage and save some money.
Well, the Alfa’s in the garage so that it can receive it’s final tidy up to get it ready for sale. Yep, I’m on the move once again…..

I placed the for sale ad for the Alfa on one of our automotive websites this evening. Once again, as with the ad I did for the 900, I’m hoping that the pictures will make the ad a bit more of a drawcard for potential buyers.
Here’s a few of them. Click to enlarge:
It cleans up nice, eh?
Selling the Alfa will possibly be more challenging than selling the 900. It’s not the icon within the Alfa family that the 900 is in the Saab family, despite the fact that it’s got the modern electrics that the earlier boxer Alfas missed out on and doesn’t have the rust problems. And it’s much quicker. And it handles just as well. Still, it could take a while.
So what’s coming in it’s place?
I’m still very very hot for a Porsche 944 and I figure a recession’s got to be the best time to buy one. So the Alfa’s on the way out and hopefully, a 944 will be on the way in. I’ve been interested in getting a 944 since the months after I wrote off my Viggen. I figure if an itch like this is hanging around for so long, you’ve got to scratch it.
The 944 will be the weekender and the Monte will the prime vehicle I always hoped it would be. That sounds like a pretty nice plan to me.
So that was my holiday. The Monte’s in place and the Alfa’s on the market.
How was your break?

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