New Hirsch Performance line officially released for Swiss, German and Austrian markets

Ah, if only that headline said Australian and not Austrian! One day…..
Saab’s official performance tuning house, Hirsch, recently announced their new Hirsch Performance versions of the Saab 9-3 XWD V6 for the three abovementioned markets, so they got together and did a little photoshoot for the media.
The press coverage has been pretty good, too, with one outlet going so far as to say that on the stregth of potential shown in these performace versions,“Saab will survive”
Switzerland’s Automobile Revue commented on both the extra boost from the tuned V6 as well as the fantastic interior upgrades.
These new Hirsch Performance versions are the V6 XWD cars. They cover the 0-100 sprint in 5.5 seconds and indulge the driver with interior trim that will hopefully one day be available in all markets from your local Saab dealer (that’s me talking, not Hirsch – it’s just the way it should be)

“We create with passion and we live from the passion”

Hirsch Engineer, Erik Lundgren, as told to Neue Zurcher Zietung
More photos from Hirsch Performance.
And further to this, I can tell you that Hirsch are still persuin availability in the US with an announcement expected very soon. We are literally almost down to waiting on the mailman to deliver the papers.
It’s that close. Stay tuned.

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