Norwegians Think!ing of Saab? Still?

TTELA are reporting today that the Norwegian government is considering an investment in Saab.
The Googletrans:

Norwegian State is one of the speculators who have been in and looked at Trollhättan Saab, writes the newspaper GT today.
According to a source within GM, representatives of the Norwegian Government have been in Trollhättan and looked at the factory. It should, according to data, act on a wager on a Swedish built hybrid electric with Norwegian origin.

Not sure what the ‘wager’ bit should translate as, but the rest is fairly clear and not totally new to these pages.
Back in late February I reported the following, translated from e24:

The Swedish TV channel SVT Västnytt sign Thursday night that there are “powerful forces” working to move the production of electric car Think from Aurskog to Sweden.
The channel says it is working now to make a Electric Cars-cluster in the cities Uddevalla and Trollhättan, where the Pininfarina and Saab have production today.
There are namely large production capacity in the Swedish automotive industry as a result of the financial crisis.
Svenske Power Circle, where among other Vattenfall and ABB are, should have tried to help to get started on the production of the Think in Aurskog, after this stopped because of pengemangel around Christmas.
This group, together with the company Innovatum should have thrown themselves on the idea of making electric cars.

The concern at the time was that the Swedish government would withhold funding assistance for Saab in order to starve them and thereby assist in handing the factory over to the production of Think! electric cars, which have had more trouble being successful than Saab.
This latest development is a little more encouraging, given that they’re looking through on Saab’s terms.
If there’s excess capacity available and the Norwegians want to spend some of that oil money building electric roller skates whilst helping Saab bring their next generation of cars to market, then I’m all for it!
As long as that’s what really happens.

Thanks to the numerous people who sent in a tip about this one!

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