Old Timer Saabs out and about in Belgium

It seems as if Belgium is the center of the Saab-i-verse at the moment.
Last week we had Saab’s future on show in the form of the 9-3x and 9-4x at a dealership event. Now, this past weekend, there were three classic Saabs taking part in an old timer rally at Spa.
Saab Belgium, through Beherman European, their importer, was one of the main sponsors of the oldimer rally called ‘ING Ardenne Roads’. It was held at Spa, Francorchamps.
Saab participated with 3 cars, all of which are owned by Beherman. The cars driven b were:
– a two-stroke Saab 93
– a V4 Saab 96
– a Saab Sonnet III
The rally was a regularity event, meaning that it’s not such hard going on the vehicles. In a regularity event, vehicles do a number of preliminary laps and then select a time from those preliminary laps that they try to match. Subsequent laps have to be as close as possible to that time, with the winner being the vehicle that best matches it’s chosen time.
It’s not about speed, it’s about consistency.
I’m not sure what the results were for the Saabs other than they all made it through the event unscathed and completed the day with some very happy drivers inside. Just the way it ought to be at events like this.
There is more info about the rally itself at: http://www.trajectoire.be/ingAB/UK/AccueilUK.php
Congratulations to Saab Belgium and Beherman European for their sponsorship and participation in this event.
It’s great to see Saab out there doing stuff like this, reinforcing the heritage of a proud company. I’d love to see more of it (and would be more than happy to pilot a Saab 99 or 900 around Targa Tasmania next year seeing it’s become a more gentlemanly event).

And my thanks to Sofie for the images!

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